The Charity House

raize the roof Charity House

what are we doing?

Through fundraising, donations and local volunteers, the raize the roof team has built a Charity House in Bonner, ACT. The goal of the Charity House is to generate more than $500,000. Half of the proceeds from the auction of the house will be donated to Starlight Children Foundation to support children with a serious illness and their families living in the Canberra region. The other half will go towards supporting SOS Children’s Villages, Botswana to develop self-sustainable projects which support orphaned children.

The charity house is now listed on Allhomes and will be auctioned on 20 October 2018. To check it out visit:

The big design!

Massive thanks to Mr Ace Simonovski from AS Design Studio, our Project Architect, who collaborated with the raize the roof team to develop the designs for the house and Mr Pavel Nikoloski who has prepared the two images of the Charity house. The site located at 17 Clancy McKenna Crescent, Bonner ACT was acquired through a ballot through the ACT Land Development Agency (LDA) and is being leased as part of the Land Rent Scheme. To view the house plan click here: raize the roof Charity House Ground Floor Plans

Our major supporters!

We could not do with project without our major supporters including


So how do you build a house? Check out how the Canberra community is doing it!

Step 22: Tiling (July 2018)

It’s been a big month and it’s not going to stop until 25 July 2018 when the inside of the Charity House will be finished!

With the tiles arriving at the house (generously donated by Rivoland Tiles) we were ready to start tiling.

In preparation the wet sealing was completed by Johnny from Skill Seal Waterproofing then it was time to start laying the tiles!

It’s been a team effort with our tiling, with different legends getting in and helping out, specifically:

  • Steve Arranz from Expert Tiling who spent his weekend tiling our laundry, powder room and toilet;
  • Jimmy from Face Lift Housing tiling the main bathroom; and
  • Ricardo and the team at Tiling Impressions for completing the ensuite.

While the tiling was happening, the kitchen and all joinery was built and installed by Pioneer Kitchens, with materials generously donated by Laminex (Canberra).

The measurements were also taken for all the window covering thanks to the legends at Carpet One.

While the inside was progressing in leaps and bounds the concrete steps were poured and all the footpaths have now been poured thanks to Holcim who have been long term supporters of the project.

We also scored the donation of two water tanks thanks to Enviro Water Tanks.

Step 21: Fixing and sheeting stage (June 2018)

We’ve had the appliances for the Charity House donated this weeks thanks to IKEA Canberra.

The fix out of the skirtings and architraves was completed—organised by Joe Jukic from Indesign Building Company.

We also installed the internal doors which were donated by Hume Doors and Timber

The setting of all the Gyprock joints and external corners was undertaken by Tony and the team from Rosa Plaster Linings; and Qi and Yang from ABCQ.

The under floor heating was installed thanks to Brendon from Warmtech Canberra.

With the walls and ceilings ready, Dean from P and D Painting, Steve Londos, and Danny and Nick Magro from Mag Painting Services commenced the internal painting.  We also had Michael and Danny from MDT Painting services who glossed the frames.

This could not have been achieved without the interior paint donated by Taubmans through The Paint Place Mitchell and the exterior paint donated by Rockcote through the Building Innovation Centre.

With the inside moving in leaps and bounds, the team from Corrib Formwork Pty Ltd supplied labour and materials to form up our masterpiece front entrance stair way.

Tony from CPS Donated one of the concrete pumps for the morning, and we again thank Holcim for contributing to the project.

We also scored our garage rollardoor which was donated and installed thanks to Mick from M and H Doors.

Step 20: Rock retaining walls (May 2018)

This month we stoned! The process got started with the team from IRock Supplies and Canberra Concrete Recyclers donating around 16 tonne of stone and 12 tonne of concrete rubble to build our retaining walls and feature walls. Here’s it being delivered:

Massive thanks to Scott Chaloner from Chaloner Constructions for organising a team of Master Stone Masons including:

  • Paul and Robert from Paul Neave Bricklaying and Stone Mason;
  • Dominic Caruso  the number 1 labourer; and
  • Kina Fisiikaile.


While the rock walls were being created, the feature retaining walls and blade wall were crafted thanks to Michael Quinn from Quinn Masonry.

Mr Quinn also unleashed his creativity inside the house…but you’ll have to come visit to see what he’s created!

Step 19:  Prepping (April 2018)

This month we installed the ceiling battens in preparation for the sheeting, which were generously donated by the legends at Nashco Building Products. Following close behind Primo Building Services  installed the insulation batts. Thanks to CSR Bradford for donating them.

Next up a team of volunteers spent the weekend installing the sheeting (Gyprock and Villaboard). Massive thanks to Darren from DPO Canberra for enabling us to pay cost price for all the sheets.

Step 18: Presheet (March 2018)

First up was the completion of the electrical rough in thanks to J.P. Electric and Security and the installing of the pipes and cables and ducting for the reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling (thanks Veetemp for donating the system).

The team from Select Electrical donated and installed a solar system for the Charity House. This is estimated to save more than $2,000 a year in running costs!

The team from Warmtech Heating Systems donated the in floor heating in the bathroom and ensuite.

This month we also installed our gas fire place—a feature in the lounge room. Massive thanks to Fyshwick Home and Heating for donating the fireplace and Brad from Burn Brothers Performance for the installation and for teeing the donation up.

And in keeping with going up, up, up, the legends at Flight Stairways installed our internal stairs and gave us a very nice discount.


Step 17: External prep for finishing (February 2018)

While the backyard was getting prepared the rendering and first coat of paint for the outside of the Charity house was completed thanks to the legends at the Ideal Group and the Building Innovation Centre.

Step 16: Landscape prep (January 2018)

We started the new year with preparing the footings and brick work for the front blade wall and garden wall near the garage. Check out the video here: Video of concrete pour

Massive shout to Mitch from Mitch’s Mini Loaders who generously donated his time to come and dig the footings at the house. Here’s the finished product.


Step 15: Rough in (October 2017)

During winter 2017 the Dal Cortivo brothers and father did a heap of internal carpentry work.

Things really kicked off in October 2017 when the plumbing and gas rough in (laying out the basic fittings without making the final connections) was completed. Our sincere thanks goes to Peter from Monaro Plumbing and Gas for the donation of his time with the plumbing, to Kohler for donating the tap wear, and Bobby from ACT Gas and Water for doing the gas rough in.

Step 14: Eaves (March 2017)

This month the Dal Cortivo brothers and dad finished the eaves sheets for the charity house. Handy hint: eaves are the part of the roof that hangs out over the walls to provide shade to the outside of your house. They are important for a few reasons; eaves encourage water to run off the side of your house rather than directly down its walls and provide shading to windows which helps keep the interior of the house at a comfortable temperature. Well placed eaves can have a very significant effect on the climate control costs of a house.

Check out the video of them going up here .

Step 13: Cladding (January 2017)

There’s no better way to start the new year than seeing our generous brickies doing the brickwork in preparation for the team from Ideal Group to start the cladding/sheeting on the outside of the charity house.

 This enabled the team from Ideal Group to quickly get underway with the next stage of the house; installing the foam cladding system. Massive thanks to the team at Ideal Group who have again donated their time and talent, and always make this look so easy! We just could not complete this project without the incredible support from these legends!


Massive shout out to the Building Innovation Centre for donating the materials for this stage of the project!

Step 12: Windows (Dec 2016)

Just in time for Christmas, Lincoln and his father loaded in the windows! Big shout out to the team at Dowell Windows for the discount!

Step 11: Raising the roof (Nov 2016)

In November 2016, the generous team at MAA Roofing, CRT Building Products and BlueScope Steel unleashed their generosity and donated all materials and labour to ensure we could raise the roof. First up was the fascia and gutters!

After four days of dodging the rain, the MAA Roofing team, with the assistance of Lincoln and his father Fred, got the roof on!



This marks a massive milestone in our project! We’re especially grateful to MAA Roofing not only for donating all the materials, but for their ongoing support for raize the roof since its early inception.

Step 10: Trusses (Sept 2016)

It all started with a call from Ben from Ideal Group. He said ‘’my crew of carpenters need something to do next week. How can we help?” “Let’s throw the trusses up” said Lincoln.


And before we knew it, Kapow! The first day of spring saw the roof trusses delivered and we had Ben’s boys on site putting up the trusses, ready for the roof!


Step 9: Frames (July 2016)

It was guns blazing on this icy winter morning with Ben leading the charge and his crew firing nails with complete disregard for any length of framing timber.


They were on a mission, and would take no timber prisoner!


With a cut and fixed frame completed in one day they were unstoppable, except for when smoko and lunch was served!



Step 8: Flooring (July 2016)

Lincoln and his dad were hard at it in the freezing cold winter days to lay the sheet flooring. The insulation was donated by Robert from Primo Building Services.


Step 7: Beam me up (May 2016)

This week a big bad beam arrived from Herzog Steel for the charity house. Weighing 1.3 tonnes, we quickly realised we needed to call in a crane to lift the beam in to position. When Wade from Canberra Cranes and Rigging heard it was for a charity project he agreed to put the beam in place the next time he was over that side of town, today! Now it is officially in position!

Massive thanks to Wade and his crew – gotta love the Canberra spirit!

Also, big shout out to Miles from Act Concrete Cutting who recently cored through four layers of brick work to make way for our drainage pipes. Thank you Miles!


Step 6: Bearers and joists

Massive thanks to Prestige Metal Works for the donation of the ant capping, another preventative measure to stop termites from penetrating the tasty timber.

The sheet flooring, bearers and joists were delivered to the site this week.  Lincoln and his dad have spent the last couple of days preparing the site.


Step 5: Brick work (April 2016)

Base brick work was completed thanks to CTR Pacific Bricklayers. Not only did they donate their labour to make this stage happen, they also generously donated all the materials required.

Lincoln completed the final preparation work for the Charity House slab, recycling the dirt that was left from the original site cut and dropping it off to it’s new home.

This stage could not have been achieved without the help of our generous plumber Peter from Monaro Plumbing and Gas who lent us his bobcat for the day.



From there, Lincoln and his brother laid the steel sheet mesh and tied it all together. With the creation of some nifty form work to hold the cement in place where there was no edging, it was time for more concrete. Once the brickwork was complete, we had two more concrete slabs to prep and pour. The team from Holcim Canberra donated another $1,500 worth of concrete to ensure the slab could be completed. Blaz and his crew followed this up and finished off the concreting to get it to this stage.



Step 4: Pesky Pest Protection Prep (April 2016)

Once the dirt was placed, leveled and compacted, the slab was treated for termites – a service generously donated by our pest preventing friends at Integrated Pest Management Services

Step 3: Laying the foundation (March 2016)

The footings and concrete garage slab have been poured!


Massive thanks to the generosity of Holcim CanberraCPS Concrete Plumbing and local concreters Blaz Celebija and his crew!


Step 2: Excavation (2015)

The house plans have been finalised which means it’s time to excavate!

The team from the Brema Group braved the rainy weather and the mud to officially commence the construction of the charity house.

The team from Monaro Plumbing and Gas completed the footings in preparation for pouring the slab.


Step 1: The plans

Get the legend Alex Simonovski from AS Design Studio to design a beautiful, modern, 3 bed room home. What a way to kick start the project with such a generous donation of time and talent!

raize the roof Charity House Ground Floor Plans
raize the roof Charity House Front
raize the roof Charity House Kitchen Concept

What’s next?

Although a number of materials for the Charity House have already been sourced we still require a significant amount of building materials ranging from timber, nuts, bolts to kitchen materials, whitegoods and bathroom fittings. If you are a business that could help out please let us know by emailing the team at

If you’d like to donate to the project you can here.