The raize the roof Board members were elected on 15 October 2013 at the raize the roof’s Annual General Meeting. Check out the bios of our Board below.

Co-Founder and Chairperson

Danielle Dal Cortivo

Danielle Dal Cortivo is also the co-founder and Director of raize the roof and is responsible for overseeing the day to day running of the charity, strategic communication activities, consultation and negotiation, stakeholder management, event management, managing volunteers and of course, chairing the Board meetings.

Danielle has a Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations), a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and recently completed a Master  of Public Health.

Outside of her volunteering, Danielle works full time as the CEO at the Asthma Foundation ACT  and runs her own consulting company. Danielle has completed an internship with Amnesty International in Canada, Relationships Australia and Marymead and has volunteered in professional and humanitarian capacities in both Botswana and Tanzania.

Danielle is passionate about creating opportunities and possibilities for all and empowering young people to contribute to those a little less lucky.


Lincoln Dal Cortivo

Lincoln Dal Cortivo is the co-founder of raize the roof and is also responsible for overseeing the day to running of the charity, strategic communication activities, consultation and negotiation, stakeholder management, managing volunteers and is the Project Manager and Builder for the raize the roof Charity House. Outside of raize the roof, Lincoln is the owner of a building company called Capella Homes.

Lincoln saw firsthand the difference that Starlight has on people with serious illness, watching a friend of his receive a wish, before passing away on Christmas Day many more than 10 years ago. Lincoln is passionate about enabling people to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and contributing to the lives of others.

Board member

Greg Lally*

Greg Lally is a member of the raize the roof board.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from the Australian National University. Greg is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. Greg has extensive professional experience in accounting with specific expertise in financial management and has worked in private Chartered firms and in a number of engagements within the tertiary education sector and Commonwealth Government.

Born and raised in Canberra, Greg brings strong ties to the Canberra community to his involvement with raize the roof and has a keen interest in promoting community engagement within the Canberra business community.

Greg brings an active and enthusiastic  approach to developing solutions and opportunities in relation to the specific projects undertaken by raize the roof, and hopes to be a strong contributing factor to the success of the charity house.

We believe Greg’s professional experience is a huge asset to achievement of the vision and mission of raize the roof.

Board member

James Austin*

James Austin is a member of the raize the roof board.

James is a Chartered Accountant with 10 years experience in the areas of business advisory and tax consulting for a range of private and public
sector organisations. He has advised various not-for-profit organisations in the areas of employment taxes, financial reporting, cash flow management and budgeting.

James currently works with Cosgrave Soutter chartered Accountants in their business and tax advisory team.


Bonnie Montgomery

Bonnie Montgomery is the Communications Manager for raize the roof. She is the Director of the marketing and communication consultancy Pop Media (

Bonnie has managed each of the raize the roof Gala events and coordinates marketing and communication such as e-newsletters. She offers expertise in websites, stakeholder engagement and social media.

Bonnie has held various volunteering roles in community services and has always been interested in utilising communications to engage audiences for worthy causes.


We have a variety of volunteers that assist with our events and fundraising efforts. If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch!


raize the roof would like to welcome Elrington Boardman Allport Lawyers on board who continue to generously assist raize the roof with all legal based matters.

raize the roof would also like to acknowledge Carol Flynn from Carol Flynn and Associates who kindly assists the raize the roof Board with a number of governance related matters.

raize the roof would also say a big thank you to Gillespie and Co Chartered Accountants for their accounting brilliance and support.

* A Responsible Person as defined by the Australian Taxation Office is an individual judged to have a degree of responsibility to the general community.