A world that is free of poverty, illness and suffering for all children.


To improve the health and welfare of children nationally and internationally by providing financial contributions to various not for profit organisations that share our values.

We believe in:


How and why did raize the roof begin?

The Director of raize the roof, Danielle Dal Cortivo, and the co-founder Lincoln Dal Cortivo are responsible for the dream behind raize the roof. Danielle’s dedication to supporting kids a little less lucky was realised during her experience as a Camp Quality ‘Camp Companion’ in Brisbane.

In 2006, Danielle travelled to Tanzania to volunteer as a ‘mumma’ in an orphanage. As was the case with her work with Camp Quality, Danielle felt she could do more. After discussing and sharing the details of the experience with her brother Lincoln, the dream of helping a local community in Botswana to enhance the lives of orphans was envisaged.

In 2009, Danielle, Lincoln and Leanne Swinbourne (raize the roof board member) travelled to Botswana to walk in the shoes of kids a little less lucky and to see first hand the way in which the lives of orphans are transformed in the SOS run, Children’s Villages. A brief documentary from the trip can be viewed on our Youtube channel