On Saturday 27 August, raize the roof is hosting its fifth Gala Ball at QT Hotel, Canberra.

Stay up late with raize the roof for an enchanted evening with host Amanda Whitley from Her Canberra.  The fifth raize the roof Gala ball is a gathering of Canberrans who are changing the world and supporting kids a little less lucky. Among the glitz and glamour, be entertained and inspired with amazing speakers and uplifting performances including Sebastian Terry (, Amber Nichols (The Voice), Minh Ha, Big Boss Groove and more.

You will have the opportunity to make a real difference through an auction or raffle on the night. Early bird tickets are available until 30 June and all tickets include drinks and canapés on arrival, a five hour drinks package, three course meal and entertainment. Tables seat 10 guests, but individuals can purchase tickets too!



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We would also like to welcome the Club group as a major sponsor of the event. Find out more information here:



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Check out the short video from the trip co-founders Lincoln and Danielle Dal Cortivo took to Botswana, to walk in the shoes of those a little less lucky. It can be viewed here:

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30 days – 30 ways to make a change!

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#FirstWorldProblem alert. I’m bored and I feel a little unfulfilled. I have an awesome job and a fabulous life, and I live in the most livable city in Australia. #CBR  #WOOT  #Imstillbored.

I’m also the co-founder of local Canberra Charity, raize the roof. That’s not boring.

For some reason things aren’t moving quite as fast at the raize the roof headquarters as I would like…and I’m getting impatient. Mostly, with myself.

When we first started raize the roof, progress was tracking at a completely mind-blowing pace.

What’s the difference between then and now?

I cringe.

Ugh – the insight must be coming. The churning of my stomach begins, the uneasy feeling arrives and BINGO! Enter the realisation… #Ihaterealisations. I lie. #Iactuallylovethem.

What was a mind-blowing pace back when we started raize the roof, is now normal. Our volunteers are old hands at running events, convincing people to overdose on fundraising chocolates, and successfully sharing the raize the roof vision. Our vision. Eek! Another realisation. #great

With life’s ups and downs, and reality getting in the way, Winter’s rained on my parade… and I feel it’s dampened my vision…I don’t do damp. I do sunshine and lollipops.

What used to be full steam ahead kind of feels slow now. It’s like I’m craving a new level of excitement. I want full steam ahead… but on steroids. God help us all… especially our dedicated volunteers.

What to do next hits me all too quickly and uncomfortably… the old chestnut… time to take responsibility, get creative and most importantly to take action, any action… just some action!

So, I start thinking, like that naked dude pondering life’s mysteries with his finger and thumb on his chin…this guy.


I’ve got a month to go before I jet off overseas for 5 weeks. #Itsatoughlife There’s no point waiting until I venture back to the land down under…it’s time to start something, anything…now.

I’m definitely onto something. The adrenalin starts rushing, I find myself awake at midnight excited again…and boredom and my life don’t seem to fit in the same sentence anymore.

Just how much momentum can be created by taking one random action everyday for one month?

The plan:  Take one action for raize the roof every day for one month. Write a blog about each daily action. #reduceannoyinghashtagusage

The rules:

  1. The action must not impact, or take people from their full time job for longer than the average lunch break.
  2. The action has to be undertaken on short notice.
  3. The action has to be achievable in a day/overnight.
  4. The action has to be in keeping with the raize the roof vision and values.
  5. The action should come at no financial cost to the person undertaking the action.
  6. Friends of raize the roof can nominate volunteers to take the action.
  7. Creativity is key.

I don’t know what actions I’ll be taking or the anyone else will be taking. I have no idea what the outcomes will be. I just know that something amazing will come from this. Hopefully lots of amazing somethings.

All I know is I’m nervous, excited and petrified. It’s on.


Extraordinary result 1: I’m not bored anymore. It’s a miracle.

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