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Alert: digging has finished, the site is now dug.

For three days the raize the roof site was overtaken with a 12 ton excavator and big rigid trucks. These big rigs and their drivers supplied free of charge by Brema Group, battled rain, hail and the impending risk of snow to ensure the job got done…and quickly!

Here’s more footage:

And then a hero comes along…with the power to fast track the project along.

His name: Angelo.

His company: Canberra Contractors.

His support: offering to use our excess loads of dirt and rock from the excavation to build up a road in Moncrieff.

His contribution: enabling the team to do eight loads in the time it takes to drop one load off at the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre.

His final gift: supplying a truck to ensure the job could be finished up on the same day.

Status update: excavation complete. The excavator and trucks have now left the building (site). Stay tuned for the next transmission.

Major contributors: Brema Group and Canberra Contractors.


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