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Day 31: Signing off.

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Dear Sir/ Madam and everything in between,

I am writing to you from a hotel room in San Antonio, Texas regarding the arrival of some exciting news.

Before I divulge such exciting news, I caveat this letter with apologies for any sentences that sound like something muttered by the Telly Tubbies, for made up words used in the wrong context and for any content that it is incomprehensible. I blame the deluded state on 30ish hours of travel and pretty much no sleep. Or nutritious, delicious food. Or fellow passengers that don’t snore. I digress. I apologise for such digressions too!

Firstly, I would like to give our raize the roof team a very well deserved pat on the back—an energetic and potentially awkward pat of course.  It was that or token Mickey Mouse Slippers. The pat won.

What’s the rationale for the random back pats I hear you ask with much curiousity and suspense…hellloooooooooooooo! We made it, we all survived the 30 days: 30 ways to change challenge. For July at least.

We committed to taking an action every day; including writing these blogs EVERY day, no excuses. Somehow regardless of sleep deprivation levels, complete and utter mind blanks and hassling friends and volunteers for editing assistance, we made it.

And what a month it’s been. For more details of our success, please review the blogs from Day 7, Day 21 and Day 28.

The biggest success is that we kept the raize the roof word alive and kicking—and continued to share our projects with new supporters and people keen to get on board. We have generated fresh momentum and more progression forward. Oh, and my boredom disappeared and increased enthusiasm and elation arrived in its place.

I’m proud to say that the raize the roof Charity House project is progressing at a much more impressive pace and amazing things are on their way!

So, it worked. The 30 days challenge was a success.

Thankyou to all who assisted in the process to contribute to our success!

Until next time,


PS: I will probably update this tomorrow when I have a brain capacity greater than a…ooo just had a power nap!

Can’t think. Can’t write. Can only smile. And sleep. 


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