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Day 29: A life changed forever.

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This is Mmapula Miller. And this  her story about being a child living at SOS Children’s Villages, Botswana. These are her words.

Living in SOS was a life changing experience for me, it was more of a molding experience that shaped my life in a better way and the right path. I get to wonder what kind of person would I be if it was not for such a home like SOS.

 SOS is my first trip and it will not be my last trip for I believe that there is more in store for me in life and one of my achievement was receiving support from individuals, donors  sponsors and friends.

 Nothing prepared me better for my life experience than growing in a small village called SOS.

 I learned to be independent by helping in the village-odd jobs around the house and ran errands, getting to meet other people from outside who would help us with homework and also the volunteers.

 The time when I started to know what life is was when I learned that in life I have to decide and know that I am smarter in my decisions.

 Having my lovely village father, Mr Kitso and the mothers to teach me how to be responsible and clean was one part of all the lessons I had to learn. I came in as a child and I left as a responsible young woman, how fascinating this is that I even got to love life and myself.

 I am proud to be part of this big family for out in the real life now I look back and thank God for letting me be part of such people who love, care and share with an open heart. I thank God for this life.

 I also learned that it’s okay to miss your parents for no matter how independent I may be and how ready to move out of the village I may be, its still okay to miss living with my family for there be a time we will meet again.

 I got a chance to find myself, to know who I am and it all began in the small village for God has a plan for my life. Above all I give all thanks to our LOVELY FATHER who saw it fit to provide homes for us in more than 20 countries, Mr Hermann Gmeiner.I harvested a lot from the environment, I lived and for sure my harvest will be endless and I will let my light shine everywhere I go for I am an Ambassador…every big thing in the world only comes true when somebody does more than he has to. 

 Having the opportunity to learn and challenge conventions at every stage of life was one of the lessons I took along and to have the passion to learn, I learned that to be smart is not only by attending class but to be passionate of doing what impacts a person.

I got a chance to listen to my heart and do what I love educating myself and doing what is worthwhile my life, I can be what I want to be in life following Excellence and Success will chase after.

I am currently doing my third year Bachelor of Business Administration at ABM University College.

And it is this difference that continues to inspire raize the roof to fulfill our vision. This is the opportunity we want for all children—for all children to be empowered to shine.



  1. mmapula miller
    13/11/2017 at 8:00 am

    Reading these words feels like it was yesterday when I wrote these words. I am for one the most thankful human being of life, I live like there is no tomorrow and indeed my words are one step at a time coming to being real achievement. Thank you Raise the roof for all the support you gave and still give to SOS.

    It breaks my heart every time I visit Mr Kitso and I get sad stories of children being abounded, then SOS taking them in is the most relieving thing for they will get a chance like as for me.

    keep on doing the great job Raise the roof


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