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Day 30: Heartbreak, then hope.

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‘You wanna change the world? You gotta know about it’ (Kid President).

A familiar pang of sadness hit today. Today’s trigger? Reading the following update about two of the newest residents at SOS Children’s Villages Botswana.

In our SOS Children’s Village in Serowe, we have recently admitted two abandoned babies who are both less than two months old. 

A baby girl was found abandoned near a tuck shop in the evening by a passerby on their way home from a church service. The passerby heard a baby crying in the dark and when she went closer, she found a small baby wrapped with a towel and plastic bags. The child was then taken to the hospital before ultimately been placed at SOS.

In another case, a baby boy aged less two months old was admitted to SOS Children’s Village in Serowe. The child was dumped in a pit latrine toilet in Mmashoro Village. Passersbys heard the cry of a baby in a toilet and immediately called the Police who retrieved him.

Both children have been with us for the past two months and are recovering well and feeding well. Both the parents of the babies have not been traced and the police have opened the files and investigations are ongoing.

Sometimes knowing the truth hurts. Sometimes it’s easier to ignore it. Sometimes it just seems like the better option.

But sometimes it can’t be ignored.  I’m grateful for that. Because that can inspire change. Like the change that has enabled these two innocent babies to find a place to call home. This makes my heart ache less. I am grateful for that.


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