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Blog: Talk, talk and more talk…

i Oct 20th Comments Off by

I have always been a bit of a talker (some would say rambler), and I always enjoy a good chat.  But I was reminded recently of how powerful a simple conversation can be.

I was attending a daylong training session for work and happened to be placed on the same table as someone who I had met last year at work, and hadn’t seen in quite some months.  Over a coffee during our morning tea break we got talking about random stuff and I happened to mention my recent volunteer work with raize the roof.   She seemed interested enough, so I continued to ramble, telling her more about the organization and the charity house project.   And then before I knew it, she was telling me how her husband is a builder and how she thinks he would definitely be keen to help out in some way with the charity house.  She went on to say that he is working for himself at the moment, with very few staff to help him out, so he might be limited in what help he can actually provide.  But every little bit counts right?  I passed on all the details to the guys at raize the roof and hopefully something will come of it. 

I was pretty excited – my rambling had come in handy for once!  Before I stepped into the room for a day of stakeholder engagement training, I was convinced it was going to be a long and very boring day.  Instead, I got to catch up with an old colleague, ramble on and help out raize the roof.  A good day indeed!

Laura – Resident Volunteer and Communications Legend