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Day 14: Oops.

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Meet Oopsy Daisy.

She visited today. A number of times. Isn’t that cute? Indeed, for little kiddies. For this old duck… not so much.
Perhaps it was the nature of her visits that was unwanted. The delivery of her ‘gems‘ of wisdom.

First cab off the rank; the joy of discovering that our website has been rocking out with a somewhat inconvenient glitch. An expensive glitch.

It’s on the mend.

Enter surprise number two: the discovery of unread emails. No biggie. Until I read them and realised they were emails from new supporters keen to become volunteers. Emails that were trapped in an expired email account. From important supporters, who were keen to volunteer…a year ago.

I’m on a responding spree.

Oh. It’s Upsy Daisy not Oopsy Daisy, isn’t?

That’s it. I’m out. I’m heading to the night garden.

Now where’s IgglePiggle?


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