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Day 17: Captain Squee

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Attention cadets! Stand to attention to meet a very special Captain!

Introducing, Captain Squee – one of the Canberra Hospital’s resident Captain Starlights!

While all the Captains we know usually run a pretty tight ship, THIS Captain is all about…having fun!!

Here’s what Captain Squee has to say about her life as a Captain Starlight!

The best part of being a Captain Starlight…is bringing smiles to such wonderful young humans. I also love coming to earth everyday on our bright red rocket ship and listening to music the whole way. I love making tunes, making balloons and bringing fun to kids rooms! And rhymes, obviously.

The most challenging part of being a Captain Starlight… sometimes people think my name is Captain Squeak instead of Captain Squee! But other than that I love a good challenge! If you ever meet me at the hospital, challenge me with something crazy. I promise to always try and make you laugh.

Most people don’t know that… I am scared of the dark. Luckily for me, back on my planet, Captain Neon glows in the dark and she walks me to the bathroom in the night time!

I would tell my 8-year-old self …to learn to surf! It looks like so much fun. Oh, and not to be scared of the dark. And to always remember that chocolate is a breakfast food.

The person I would most like to meet is… I already meet them everyday! It’s all the awesome kids we hang out with at the hospital. And a real life tiger. I would love to say hello to a tiger.

The talent I would most like to have is… the ability to make a whole outfit out of balloons. Anyone want to try? FUN!

My motto is: “People who smile always look beautiful. Even if they have spinach in their teeth” Squee

All going to plan some of our team will be visiting Captain Squee and her fellow Captains at the Canberra Hospital in the coming weeks! We’ll definitely keep you posted about the mischief we get up to!

Over and out!


  1. Bonnie
    19/07/2014 at 7:20 am

    Keep up the good work Captain Squee!!!


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