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Day 20: Reflecting and respecting.

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As the weekend comes to a close, it is a perfect time to reflect on where our challengers have been, and where they are going.

First up.

Remember Rochelle? (

Rochelle likes alcohol.

Prior to July, Rochelle was enjoying lots of alcohol.

But Rochelle committed to giving up alcohol as part of our 30 day challenge.

It’s been 19 days since Rochelle’s last drink.

According to Rochelle, the first two weeks were hard. Really hard. Her social life was not conducive to her anti-alcohol ways.

But, she’s been embracing life as a non-raging alcoholic.

And she’s made herself a self appointed designated driver.

Sickness has crept in. This has helped prevent her from drinking. Cough, splutter and nasal juices do not mix well with alcohol cravings.

Regardless, she’s going great guns. However, while she reflects on what a great job she is doing in this new land of sobriety, she does confess that it’s making her crave alcohol. She’s sustaining! And doin’ it for the cause.

And then we had the pleasure of meeting our second challenger.

On day 7, we were introduced to the dancing, singing, pop-diva wannabe Eva. The girl with the love for Adidas masseurs and snap pants – remember her? How could you forget! (

We learnt a little more about Eva’s addiction for sugar. And her lack of love for riding bikes.

Eva’s been working out like a true Olympic athlete in the making. Adidas would be crazy not to sponsor her! She’s been reducing her sugar intake and eliminating all things unhealthy and delicious from her diet. It’s been 13 days and she’s still going strong.

Afternoons are the most challenging time of her day, especially with fundraising chocolates lurking around every corner, tempting her taste buds on a daily basis.

She’s resorted to consuming massive batches of sugar free jelly and munching away on lots of fruit. Oh, and smashing down the sugar craving hatch copious cans of sugar free drinks.

Together, Rochelle and Eva are changing the world, one day at the time!



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