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Day 24: The workings of a blank mind.

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Tonight’s blogging process, brought to you by me and my blank brain.

Must write something.

Must write something smart?

Must write something insightful?

Right, change of plan. Think of what was achieved today; write about that.

Some of our volunteers are particularly revved up and are cranking long with brilliant ideas for our upcoming event. That’s awesome. And exciting. And greatly appreciated.

Hmm… but I need to write more.

What was today’s insight? Think of an insight.

Hmm… keep thinking about dessert! Argh!

Right. Find a cool quote. Write about that.

Link to today’s insight.

[*enter tumble weed*].

Eek, starting to freak out. MUST WRITE SOMETHING WORTH READING! Must find inspiration.

Pressure is on, Masterchef style. 30 seconds to finish up. Mmmm food. Dessert – argh!

Nope, still nothing. Just an insight into the workings of the right side of the brain today. Not much happening there—guess that’s an insight.

Oh well, tomorrow will be a better day. And a better blog. I promise.



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