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Day 27: I.Will.Survive.

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How to capture today’s sentiments? I choose to do so in song. I introduce to you my rendition of I Will Survive.

At first I was afraid,
I was petrified,
Kept thinking I could never blog,
With no Shakespeare by my side

But then I spent so many nights
Thinking what on earth I’d write,
And I got hyped,
And I just forced myself to type

And so now I’m back
All weary faced,
I just collapsed upon my bed
For some Sunday blogging space

I should have started hours ago,
When my thoughts were flowing free
If I had known for just one second
I’d have lost my energy
So I go hard, must type some more
Just bang some random something out
’cause it won’t be Sunday for much more
No time for tantrums or attempts to just have a cry
Did you think I’d crumble
Did you think I’d lay down and die

Oh no, not I
I will survive
Oh as long as I can sit upright
I know I will stay alive
I’ve got all my life to sleep
With the aid of counting sheep
and I’ll survive
I will survive (hey-hey)



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