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Oh what a night!

i Feb 27th 1 Comment by

What do you get when you cross Dr Karl and the chance to win a .5ct brilliant cut diamond?

A night full of fun, with ROAR, raize the roof’s 4th gala ball.

Guests were welcomed with the beautiful voice of Kirrah Amosa unleashing the Circle of Life to kick off the animalistic night!

The main attractions included Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (who apparently is slightly less trustworthy than The Wiggles), a gelato man, an endless candy bar, a photo booth, a Nelson Mandella signed time magazine, an around the world ticket, 10kgs of chocolate, a Bali holiday, and an auctioneer who was willing to sell the clothes off his back (literally), all in the name of raising money for charity.

Then, after the main course, a bag full of lollies and an ice-cream, people flocked to the dance floor as the Bee Bee Gees played their sweet symphony of dancing shoes tunes (although admittedly, not many of us were practical enough to wear our dancing shoes, never the less, we were there busting out our greatest moves).

Those who wanted a break from the dance floor (due to the shoes issue) were able to take a ‘time out’ to don oversized novelty glasses and jump in the photo booth. If you were lucky enough, you were able to get a photo (or four) with Dr Karl, who provided options such as, ‘serious’, ‘smiling’, ‘blow a kiss’ and ‘bunny ears’.

And there were questions, oh the questions: Is there a cure for hiccups (apparently it’s DRM – Digital Rectal Massage..)? Can women take Viagra? What is ‘sleep’ in our eyes? and most importantly (I think), Where is the universe expanding into?

All of which were answered in perfect Dr Karl style.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the MC provided a match making service setting up a fine young lass and fellow.

Oh what a night!

Well done to the raize the roof team, and big thank you to all the sponsors and guests who have helped the team get one step closer to raizing the charity house roof!


  1. Bonnie
    07/03/2013 at 11:19 pm

    Such a fun night!