On Saturday 27 August, raize the roof is hosting its fifth Gala Ball at QT Hotel, Canberra.

Stay up late with raize the roof for an enchanted evening with host Amanda Whitley from Her Canberra.  The fifth raize the roof Gala ball is a gathering of Canberrans who are changing the world and supporting kids a little less lucky. Among the glitz and glamour, be entertained and inspired with amazing speakers and uplifting performances including Sebastian Terry (, Amber Nichols (The Voice), Minh Ha, Big Boss Groove and more.

You will have the opportunity to make a real difference through an auction or raffle on the night. Early bird tickets are available until 30 June and all tickets include drinks and canapés on arrival, a five hour drinks package, three course meal and entertainment. Tables seat 10 guests, but individuals can purchase tickets too!



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We would also like to welcome the Club group as a major sponsor of the event. Find out more information here:



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Day 20: Reflecting and respecting.

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As the weekend comes to a close, it is a perfect time to reflect on where our challengers have been, and where they are going.

First up.

Remember Rochelle? (

Rochelle likes alcohol.

Prior to July, Rochelle was enjoying lots of alcohol.

But Rochelle committed to giving up alcohol as part of our 30 day challenge.

It’s been 19 days since Rochelle’s last drink.

According to Rochelle, the first two weeks were hard. Really hard. Her social life was not conducive to her anti-alcohol ways.

But, she’s been embracing life as a non-raging alcoholic.

And she’s made herself a self appointed designated driver.

Sickness has crept in. This has helped prevent her from drinking. Cough, splutter and nasal juices do not mix well with alcohol cravings.

Regardless, she’s going great guns. However, while she reflects on what a great job she is doing in this new land of sobriety, she does confess that it’s making her crave alcohol. She’s sustaining! And doin’ it for the cause.

And then we had the pleasure of meeting our second challenger.

On day 7, we were introduced to the dancing, singing, pop-diva wannabe Eva. The girl with the love for Adidas masseurs and snap pants – remember her? How could you forget! (

We learnt a little more about Eva’s addiction for sugar. And her lack of love for riding bikes.

Eva’s been working out like a true Olympic athlete in the making. Adidas would be crazy not to sponsor her! She’s been reducing her sugar intake and eliminating all things unhealthy and delicious from her diet. It’s been 13 days and she’s still going strong.

Afternoons are the most challenging time of her day, especially with fundraising chocolates lurking around every corner, tempting her taste buds on a daily basis.

She’s resorted to consuming massive batches of sugar free jelly and munching away on lots of fruit. Oh, and smashing down the sugar craving hatch copious cans of sugar free drinks.

Together, Rochelle and Eva are changing the world, one day at the time!


Day 19: Cue cringe.

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You win some, you lose some.

What’s meant to be, will be.

Wise words of wisdom/annoying cliches. Whichever way you view it, today was their day to shine!

What am I talking about? It’s gotta be seen to be believed.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I guess it’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

And that’s all there is to it.

Sweet dreams!

Day 18: Email ecstasy.

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Got an email.

It wasn’t spam!



Day 17: Captain Squee

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Attention cadets! Stand to attention to meet a very special Captain!

Introducing, Captain Squee – one of the Canberra Hospital’s resident Captain Starlights!

While all the Captains we know usually run a pretty tight ship, THIS Captain is all about…having fun!!

Here’s what Captain Squee has to say about her life as a Captain Starlight!

The best part of being a Captain Starlight…is bringing smiles to such wonderful young humans. I also love coming to earth everyday on our bright red rocket ship and listening to music the whole way. I love making tunes, making balloons and bringing fun to kids rooms! And rhymes, obviously.

The most challenging part of being a Captain Starlight… sometimes people think my name is Captain Squeak instead of Captain Squee! But other than that I love a good challenge! If you ever meet me at the hospital, challenge me with something crazy. I promise to always try and make you laugh.

Most people don’t know that… I am scared of the dark. Luckily for me, back on my planet, Captain Neon glows in the dark and she walks me to the bathroom in the night time!

I would tell my 8-year-old self …to learn to surf! It looks like so much fun. Oh, and not to be scared of the dark. And to always remember that chocolate is a breakfast food.

The person I would most like to meet is… I already meet them everyday! It’s all the awesome kids we hang out with at the hospital. And a real life tiger. I would love to say hello to a tiger.

The talent I would most like to have is… the ability to make a whole outfit out of balloons. Anyone want to try? FUN!

My motto is: “People who smile always look beautiful. Even if they have spinach in their teeth” Squee

All going to plan some of our team will be visiting Captain Squee and her fellow Captains at the Canberra Hospital in the coming weeks! We’ll definitely keep you posted about the mischief we get up to!

Over and out!

Day 16: A day in the life of an obsessed email checker.

i Jul 16th 1 Comment by

A day in the life of me. Wednesday style.

Wake up nice and early.

Roll over. With one eye open check Twitter, Facebook – my page and raize the roof page, Personal Email Account 1, Personal Email Account 2, raize the roof email account and work email account.

Love the Email Fairy.

No raize the roof email replies. Send a raize the roof related email in hope the Email Fairy will repay the favour and I will receive a reply.

Breakfast. Straight down the hatch while jumping online and doing second check of said email and social media accounts. Obsessed? Yes! Don’t wanna miss a thing—Aerosmith style!

Check raize the roof account one more time. No responses to most recently sent emails. Remain positive – it’ll happen. Gee, Email Fairy is being a little ordinary today, very unlike her. Check sent items. Better to be safe than sorry.

Emails definitely sent.

Out the door.

Arrive at work.


Morning tea – handful of nuts. Down the hatch.

Back to work.

Lunch – check emails. I’m still waiting for replies. What’s doing in Email Fairy land? Consume quinoa salad. Delicious and healthy. I’m still hungry.

Work some more. The perfect distraction. Email Fairy? What’s that?

Generous and intuitive staff member buys white chocolate raspberry bullets. Consume. No time like the present. Share some with staff. By some, I mean one. Still working on sharing skills.

Keep working.

HOME TIME! Celebrate. Drive home.

Straight onto the computer at home. Check number of views of new raize the roof video here:


Check raize the roof email. Still no reply. Email Fairy is not my friend.

Time to mix things up. Send some emails about raize the roof.

No replies. Tempted to start writing assertive emails to the Email Fairy; she might reply.


Check Twitter, Facebook – my page and raize the roof page, Personal Email Account 1, Personal Email Account 2, raize the roof email account and work email account.

Still no emails. Really not liking the Email Fairy today. Wonder where the hell she is.

Get distracted. Google “Email Fairy”. This is what appears.

That explains it all. I’d like to put my foot up that tutu and kick him into action!

Give up.


With one eye open do last check of Twitter, Facebook – my page and raize the roof page, Personal Email Account 1, Personal Email Account 2, raize the roof email account and work email account.

Still no reply. Email Fairy needs to stop checking her Twitter account and pay attention to my inbox traffic. STAT!

Tomorrow will be a better day. Email Fairy better deliver. Otherwise, Email Fairy is going down. And not to funky town.


Instantly awake. Grab phone.

One unread email in my inbox. I love the Email Fairy! I knew she’d pull through.

It’s spam.


Day 15: Kicking goals for the cause.

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Woot! And we’re live!

What happens when a remarkable local Australian rugby union player from Canberra contacts you asking if she can get on board raize the roof?

You freak out. Get VERY excited! And faint! (Ok, so that’s a little extreme!).

Miss Sharni Williams, aka Rugby Rookie of the Year 2008, Australian Women’s Player of the Year 2010, qualified mechanic and soon to be videographer, is responsible for this piece of promotional perfection!

This was her contribution to our 30 days: 30 ways to make a change challenge.

Check it out peeps!

And, cue tears.

And leave.

Day 14: Oops.

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Meet Oopsy Daisy.

She visited today. A number of times. Isn’t that cute? Indeed, for little kiddies. For this old duck… not so much.
Perhaps it was the nature of her visits that was unwanted. The delivery of her ‘gems‘ of wisdom.

First cab off the rank; the joy of discovering that our website has been rocking out with a somewhat inconvenient glitch. An expensive glitch.

It’s on the mend.

Enter surprise number two: the discovery of unread emails. No biggie. Until I read them and realised they were emails from new supporters keen to become volunteers. Emails that were trapped in an expired email account. From important supporters, who were keen to volunteer…a year ago.

I’m on a responding spree.

Oh. It’s Upsy Daisy not Oopsy Daisy, isn’t?

That’s it. I’m out. I’m heading to the night garden.

Now where’s IgglePiggle?

Day 13: A taste of tantalisation

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The intention of tonight’s ramblings is to leave you with ‘buona bocca’; a tantalizing, satisfying favourable flavour for your palate and your taste buds.

The way to achieve this: To inform you that last week was a week of preparation and idea creating… so on this chilly Sunday evening I ask you to keep an eye out for a unique culinary experience coming to Canberra soon.

Bite size details to be spoon fed to you shortly.

Day 12: Today, I am grateful.

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I read something a while ago that caught my attention. I was reminded of it today.

Recent research has found that people who appreciate what they have instead of focusing on what they don’t have tend to experience better health outcomes. Oh, and naturally they are generally happier.

I felt particularly grateful today. Not for anything in particular, but maybe just for being able to know what it feels like to be grateful. To appreciate.

I found this.

I love that kids can so easily rattle off oodles of things things they appreciate, when sometimes, for us oldies, it can be a struggle.

I know it can be a lame question, but if you had to list 5 things you were grateful for everyday what would you say?

I’m grateful you read these blogs. Now, all going to plan I’ll survive this Winter and be cold and flu free! Let the experiment begin!

Day 11: The girl on the corner.

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Weird. I can’t seem to stop thinking about the video that I posted yesterday. Mostly, I can’t stop thinking about the generosity of people you least expect. Often from those who have even less than you have.

For those who missed it yesterday, here it is:

It’s been playing on my mind. All day.

I mean, I have a big family. A big hungry family. It’s literally fight for the last malteser…honestly. It’s like survivor – and the winner takes all.

When you see the corner of the red square malteser box peering over the side of the bin; a little part of you dies. It’s that moment. That realisation. It hits. I’ve missed out on the last one. Ones. Let’s be honest… it’s never one. Maybe one handful. A handful every 30 seconds or so.

But in all seriousness, I keep pondering about just how generous I would be in a similar situation. The realisation that I might not be equally as compassionate and selfless as the man in the video makes me kind of sad.

I saw a girl today begging for money on the corner of a shopping centre in the ACT. She looked cold. And hungry.

I parked my car and made my way up to where she was sitting. She was gone. I felt an overwhelming sense of disappointment. And sadness. I guess it wasn’t meant to be today.

My action in lieu of being able to do it today, is to purchase a meal of choice for a stranger that might just be doing it a little tougher than I am.

And, I’m taking this global. I promise to the same thing at least once when I am overseas.

To be honest, the whole idea excites me. I suspect I will gain significantly more from the experience than they will. And the theory will no doubt prove itself – it’s often those with the least, that give the most.